Gioacchini stockfish is made only with Gadua Morhua cod, an excellent quality of Norwegian arctic cod that lives in the very cold water of the Barents Sea and along the whole Norwegian coast, which is fished in the Lofoten Islands.
The company imports the cod directly and its selectors, who are present during the fundamental stages of fishing and drying, choose only the best cod.
The quality of the product has always rewarded our efforts and our customer satisfaction is our best success.
We offer only the best stockfish:
– dried stockfish;
– wet stockfish according to the Gioacchini method of processing: The cod is not beaten anymore. It is broken along the spine. Consequently, the stockfish, no matter how it is cooked, does not crumble away, but remains compact and soft. This way, the flavor and the quality are guaranteed.


BACCALÀ (salted codfish)

Gioacchini’s baccalà is made from both Gadus Macrocephalus and Gadus Morhua cod, from the Barents Sea and from the whole coast of Norway.
We only offer the best baccalà: very white Northern cod fillets with tender and flavorful meat:      
– baccalà “salinato” (salted);
– wet Baccalà fillets;
– wet whole baccalà.



The cooked products are carefully prepared according to the traditional and typical recipes from Ancona. It is offered in easy to use 500 gr. or 1000 gr. containers:
– cooked stockfish;
– cooked baccalà fillets;
– stockfish sauce;
– baccalà sauce.