Gioacchini-Since 1900” (SNC): for over a century, we have specialized in processing and commercializing stockfish (dried-cod) and “baccalà” (salted codfish), high-end products from the traditional cuisine of our region, Le Marche.
The company is one of the most important traders in the Ancona market, since our knowledge stems from a family tradition that began a very long time ago.
ALESSANDRO GIOACCHINI and ROBERTO GIOACCHINI, have re-established and continued the business that belonged to their family from 1890 to 1996:
originating with their grand-grandfather, Gioacchino Gioacchini, who used to bring fish in buckets from “Piazza del Papa” to “Mercato delle Erbe”, and then opened his first store with his family name, specializing in stockfish and wet baccalà;
to their grandfather, Tancredo Gioacchini, who continued the tradition and moved the store to the Piazza d’Armi market, where, with his wife Emilia, they created and gave out to their clients precious recipes on how to cook stockfish. These family recipes are now presented to you by our company;
to their father, Eugenio Gioacchini, who continued selling in “Piazza d’Armi” until 1996.
Today the company is a leader in this market, targeting customers who desire stockfish prepared in the traditional “Ancona way”. That’s why our products are unique.
From September 2017 Alessandro Gioacchini has undertaken other professional paths, leaving the company to his cousin Roberto.


Roberto Gioacchini